Terms and Conditions

1 - Sustrans' Big Shift is promoted by Sustrans Ltd [Registered Charity No. 326550 (England and Wales) SCO39263 (Scotland)] (The promoters).

2 - Any enquiry concerning this scheme should be sent to: Education and Young People, Sustrans, 2 Cathedral Square, College Green, Bristol, BS1 5DD.

3 - The promoters reserve the right to cancel this scheme at any stage, if deemed necessary, or if circumstances arise out of its control.

4 - Sustrans' Big Shift is open to all schools in the United Kingdom. A DfE number (England and Wales), SEED number (Scotland) or DE number (Northern Ireland) is required to complete registration and enable schools to participate.

5 - The challenge may be completed by an individual class, year group or a whole school.

6 - The promoters are not responsible for misuse or any claims, liability, loss or damage arising out of or in connection with this scheme. The promoters have no knowledge of local conditions and it may be that as a result of those conditions routes used are not safe, including but not limited to weather conditions, construction projects, closures or other events. By registering to participate in Sustrans' Big Shift, the school accepts that it or its representatives must exercise judgment in their activities which result from that registration and are responsible for decisions affecting the safety of pupils and other participants. This clause shall not operate so as to limit the promoters liability in connection with loss or damage relating to personal injury to or the death of any persons caused or contributed to by the promoters.

7 - By uploading photos to the Big Shift website, schools give permission for the photos to be used by Sustrans. They also confirm that they have the right to upload photos and that they have parental consent (where appropriate) for the pupils featured. Copyright of the photograph(s) remain with the photographer.

8 - By registering for Sustrans' Big Shift, you agree for Sustrans to process all information disclosed on the registration form, for the purpose of administering Sustrans' Big Shift. If you have ticked 'Yes' to receiving the Sustrans monthly schools e-news you agree that Sustrans may send you the Sustrans monthly e-news/other Sustrans bulletins. All personal information received will be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, and will not be shared with third parties without your consent, or as required by law.

9 - By taking part in the promotion, you confirm your agreement to take part, and allow the use of the school name, in such associated publicity as the promoter may reasonably request.

10 - If you take part in the promotion you are deemed to have read and accepted our separate Privacy and Cookies Page and information about use of cookies.